Cuba: study tour to Mexico for the Cuban National Packaging Center

Mexico - 29th March - 1st April 2022

Cuba: study tour to Mexico for the Cuban National Packaging Center

Within the framework of the project “Capacity Building on Investment for Cuban Government” implemented by UNIDO ITPO Italy and funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, three women representatives of the National Packaging Center of Cuba (CNEE) took part in a study tour to Mexico from 29th March to 1st April 2022.

The goal of the study tour was to better understand and value the experience of Mexico in the field of containers and packaging, starting from the development of technologies and products according to international standards, while at the same time also promoting women empowerment as well as fostering south-south cooperation between the two countries.

During these four intensive days of study tour, the three delegates from CNEE - Ms. Miriela Valle Cepero, Director, Ms. Yudislaide Hernández Larrinaga, Specialist in Normalization, and Ms. Jessica Ayamey Reyes Orta, Technician in physical, chemical, and mechanical tests - met with representatives of the UNIDO Regional Office in Mexico and shared knowledge and best practices with local centers and laboratories — such as AMEE (Mexican packaging and containers association), GEA biodegradable, Graphic Printing Chamber, the Printing and Lithography Union, the Corrugated Cardboard Industrial Association, and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

This activity will serve as a theoretical basis to be integrated into new proposals and strategies for packaging development, with a focus on prioritized sectors, and perfecting procedures through the learning of new tools, for the implementation and improvement of approved policies and services managed by the CNEE.