Art workshop for youths on inclusivity and sustainability

Monza, Italy - 29th September 2023

Art workshop for youths on inclusivity and sustainability

UNIDO ITPO Italy supported the art workshop held in collaboration by the social enterprise Il Carro, the artist Mario Arlati and Monza Arte Contemporanea (M.Ar.Co) in July 2023 in Monza, Italy and presented during the press conference on 29th September.

During the workshop, the youths of the social enterprise had the opportunity to paint on a canvas made of recycled materials from textile waste the flag of the United Nations, as a universal symbol of sustainability and inclusivity.

The press conference was joined by UNIDO ITPO Italy Head Ms. Diana Battaggia who, during her speech, highlighted the key role of UNIDO ITPO Italy in promoting youth and women empowerment to foster inclusive socio-economic growth around the world, especially in developing countries. 

Furthermore, always with respect to the nature of the art workshop, Ms. Battaggia highlighted UNIDO ITPO Italy’s role in promoting activities advancing the implementation of circular-economy business models in its main sectors of intervention  namely agribusiness and energy and environment  where the recycling of products and raw materials plays a crucial role to accelerate Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development, as well as in addressing pressing issues such as food insecurity, water crisis, energy waste and climate change, in line with the mandate of UNIDO and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.