World Manufacturing Forum 2023

Bergamo, Italy - 24th - 27th November 2023

World Manufacturing Forum 2023

UNIDO ITPO Italy participated in the 2023 edition of the World Manufacturing Forum - the annual event where industry leaders, policy makers, academics and research innovators address and discuss current and future manufacturing challenges - held on 27th and 28th November 2023 in Bergamo, Italy at the premises of SDF Group, Italian company among the main world manufacturers of tractors and harvesting machines.

Two days on the theme “New Business Models for the Manufacturing of the Future” with keynotes, round tables and parallel events on the main trends driving the new manufacturing scenario and their impact on the redesign of manufacturing supply chains. Over 600 participants from 40+ countries and 26 speakers for a comprehensive understanding of the most important topics in the manufacturing landscape, together with industry experts from companies, international institutions and research organizations.

Strong focus on women and young people in manufacturing, transversal themes that are increasingly central also in UNIDO's activities. In past editions, UNIDO had supported WMF's efforts to become a global event, through the involvement of high-level speakers from developing countries and experts from the Organization who have also collaborated in the drafting of past editions of the World Manufacturing Report.

This year UNIDO ITPO Italy met dozens of companies, startups, universities and institutions discussing possible synergies and participated in the company visit held at the headquarters of the SDF company, already in the UNIDO ITPO Italy network. Possible synergies between the two partners UNIDO and WMF also in the context of the next WMF 2024 edition which will have as its theme "New Perspectives for the Future of Manufacturing: WMF Outlook 2030".