Progetto Fuoco

Verona, Italy - 21-25 February 2018

Progetto Fuoco

Verona, 23 February 2018 – In the framework of the project implemented in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Environment Land and Sea (IMELS) in support of Botswana, UNIDO ITPO Italy participated in Progetto Fuoco fair held in Verona from 21 to 25 of February, one of the most important global event focused on the production of heat and energy from wood combustion.

The fair represented an excellent opportunity to identify stoves and fuel technologies for rural areas in Botswana,  that potentially could give solutions for the transition to clean cooking. In the framework of the commitments for the climate change agreements, Botswana indicated their willingness to replace fuel wood with the use of LPG and biogas.

Moreover, UNIDO ITPO Italy took the opportunity to spread information among the Italian private sector attend the fair, and raise awareness regarding the current efforts of the African country in the renewable energy sector.

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