Eco-materials from recycled construction waste

FIPEE Call winner from Peru

About the company

Ciclo is a Peruvian startup (part of MP Recicla Sac) whose purpose is to increase the level of sustainability in the construction sector through comprehensive management of construction and demolition waste (CDW) and the sale of eco-materials manufactured from its recycling.

Roger Mori Pizzino

Roger Mori Pizzino



While conventional concrete materials use natural aggregates (product of exploitation of natural resources) as their main input, Ciclo has developed quality and affordable ecofriendly construction materials which use 100% recycled aggregates, taking advantage of the availability of construction and demolition waste (CWD) and minimizing the negative environmental impact generated by inefficient waste management.

The solutions offered by Ciclo allow companies that generate construction waste and consume construction materials to reduce their carbon footprint, without increasing their budget.

tons of CO2 avoided in 2022
less CO2 emissions per 1 CDW ton
less CO2 emissions per 1 ton of eco-friendly material

Sustainable impact

Ciclo aims to become a leading company in the construction sector by providing efficient eco-friendly solutions, services and products to reduce its environmental impact.

The company also represents a sustainable business by applying criteria for recycling and circular economy, contributing to make local industrial areas and cities more sustainable while increasing the quality of life of their inhabitants and communities.