Official name The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Political capital Amman
Local currency Jordanian Dinar (JOD)
Official languages Arabic

Why Jordan

The rare economic and political stability of Jordan, when considering  the warlike area in which it stays, attracts foreign capitals towards investing in numerous economic sectors together with entering the regional market. Water issue is one of the most substantial impediment to a structural economic growth. Thus, crucial is the solutions that have to be granted in order to tackle the problem, employing the energetic sector as a leverage. Jordanian government is putting great efforts so that easing the legislation on economic subjects may  favor larger investments flows.

Investment opportunities in Jordan

The Kingdom was one of the first Arab countries to introduce and apply new communication and information technologies to the economy. The technical development and growth of the sector were favored by the privatization of the telecommunications sector, which began with the granting of three mobile phone GSM and the numerous licenses of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to individuals.

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