About Us

United Nations Organization for Industrial Development (UNIDO) assists developing (DCs) and transition countries to promote sustainable industrial development and international cooperation among companies and entrepreneurs. By means of its 46 offices in developing countries and in collaboration with its 169 member countries, UNIDO pursues its aim through the mobilization of human, intellectual and technological resources through which it fosters productive employment and economic development, sensitive to ecological and environmental problems.

The Italian Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO Italy), based in Rome, was created in 1987 on the basis of an agreement between UNIDO and the Italian Government. The Office has the mission of contributing to the industrial development and economic growth of developing countries, identifying and mobilizing technical, financial and managerial resources in order to achieve employment, economic competitiveness and environmental protection.

ITPO Italy launched specific industrial development programmes aimed at involving several sectors where Italy sets world standards of best practice, such as agro – industry/food, textiles and clothing, leather and footwear, environment and renewable energies. This commitment is mainly based on promotion of industrial partnerships, on improvement of technological and qualitative standards and on capacity-building to partner institutions.


UNIDO ITPO Italy, as promoter and organizer of this initiative, is not responsible for the decisions taken by the committee, which will be considered final. Furthermore UNIDO ITPO Italy is not responsible for patent infringement in damaging other companies or organizations.