Innovation Bridge

The project "Innovation Bridge Trieste – Dubai 2020" aims to connect two major international events in the field of scientific, digital and technological progress: ESOF 2020, held from 2nd to 6th September 2020 in Trieste, the main city of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and European City of 2020, and Expo 2020 Dubai, hosted from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022 by the UAE capital.

Innovation Bridge Trieste – Dubai 2020 foresees a programme of activities to anticipate and link these two major international events through a series of initiatives, creating connections and networks between regional, national and international innovators – including industry, public and private technology producers and research centres. Its ultimate objective is to increase knowledge exchange, foster affinities and expand collaborations among innovators, in order to harness innovative and original solutions leading to transformative change for sustainable development. As a result, the impact of these events will be reinforced and enriched through the encounter of highly specialized international perspectives.

Science & Business for Innovation

The protagonists of Innovation Bridge Trieste – Dubai 2020 include innovators, industries, public and private technology producers, and research centres who will interact with each other during this series of events in order to exchange ideas and discover innovative solutions. Business networks and clusters from the manufacturing sector, universities, technological centers, scientific and industrial parks will also give their contribution to enrich the experience of the participants.

UNIDO ITPO Italy and the FVG Region will jointly select a number of innovations to be promoted to the international business and academic community, in order to identify potential partners interested in developing the concept of the project.

Special attention will be paid in guaranteeing opportunities for young people, as the main actors of a future which will be marked by significant technological improvements, multiple challenges, new demands and new jobs arising from the digitalization process.