Official name Republic of Ghana
Political capital Accra
Local currency Ghanaian Cedi
Official languages English

Why Ghana

Visit of Ghana Embassy to DMECO
UNIDO ITPO Italy brings Ghana to the “Padua Space Week”
Ghana Trade and Investment Forum
UNIDO ITPO Italy’s mission to Ghana
UNIDO ITPO Italy and WTC Ghanaian Delegate meet Renewable Energy District Regione Puglia
Roundtable on Ghana’s “green” industry
UNIDO ITPO Italy and the Delegate of Ghana’s WTC visit Archimede Solar Energy and Risorse Nuove Group
UNIDO organizes the High Level Energy Forum: renewable energies and energy efficiency in Africa
Visit of the Deputy Minister of Fisheries of Ghana to Italy
UNIDO ITPO Italy organized a roundtable with African embassies: 'Synergies for the Development of Local Capacities and Entrepreneurship in Africa'
UNIDO ITPO Italy – Ambassadors’ Roundtable